I thought that this tool merited its own post

This tool is one of the best values out there.  It isn't one that you will use every day, but when you need it, you really need it.  For $9 you can buy a couple.  This tool is great on its own, but when you make tips for it, it really starts to shine.  That ratcheting action isn't smooth or strong, but it is one really important thing - tiny.

Low profile head fits even tight corners

I ground down an adapter to make a skinny narrow 1/4" ratchet

No comparison with the standard Craftsman ratcheting hex driver

It is little.  I brazed a piece of coat hanger onto this tip so that it couldn't slip through the driver

Craftsman  5 pc. Reversible Offset Ratchet Screwdriver Set

  Item#  00941469000 | Model#  41469


  1. Looks to be a really handy size!

    Teng do a nice bit ratchet too:


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