Skinny 1/4" Drive

I just got the Micrometer out to check out my thinnest 1/4" drive tools.  I did these measurements by mounting a socket and measuring the thickness of the head from the thickest part, and then subtracting the depth of the socket.

My beloved Mac MR4C goes a svelte .295 inches.

My Craftsman reversible screwdriver #41469 with a ground down 1/4" adaptor went .223 inches.  Amazingly, that .07 inches has made the difference for me in a couple of spots.

My second favorite ratchet, the Snap-On THL72 is a beefy .460 inches thick,  by contrast.  I certainly don't hold that against it, but it does put things in perspective.  It is twice as thick as the Craftsman!

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